Our Story

Sugar & Herbs was founded in spring 2016 by Michelle Hammon. Our journey started when we discovered a problem; the exfoliators we were using every day were bad for our skin and even worse for the environment (micro beads anyone?).

The new “natural” alternatives we found were salt scrubs. Salt scrubs are harsh and can cause microscopic tears in the skin. We decided it was time for something better, and we set out to create our own scrubs.

Our ingredient lists are minimal, natural, and we hand-blend all of our products in small batches to make the best skin care products we can possibly offer. We only use natural ingredients for a wholesome, balanced skin care experience.


Did you know?

Sugar & Herbs was created by Green River College students as a project for the Bachelors in Marketing & Entrepreneurship program. This program offers hands-on experience, going beyond the world of theory and into real world expectations and problems!

Learn more about the BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship program at Green River College; and how future cohorts of students pursue a similar in-depth learning experience.


What does our future look like?

Sugar & Herbs is still owned and operated by Michelle Hammon, but is now licensed under Hammon Family LLC. This will allow for expanded product lines and more growth!

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